2 Heads Make More Sense

I had a great conversation with an Australian sensory consultant, about how the sensory characteristics of products impact and influence consumer perception and experience.

Some great insights were highlighted including the growing need (and interest) of organisations and brands to protect their sensory assets and property as these become more potent differentiators in the market place.

One of the examples we discussed was the pop that the Pringles tube makes when
opened. We then spoke about how this sound could be developed, refined and leveraged, I hate that word, as a consistent sonic trigger and brand differentiator, by implementing it across a range of media andtouchpoints from the packaging to advertising and digital…

The best bit came when we started talking about the crunch and noise that
chips, crackers and other foods make when we chew, how some sounds are really loud inside our heads and the feeling of awkwardness this can create when in public – the merging of sound and taste…

…you’ve got to cater for a dinner party, you’ve got a choice between the noisy cracker and the non noisy cracker. Which do you choose?

Some food for thought.

It was lovely to swap notes and excitement.


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