Manage your station's sonic experience.

So everyone can enjoy the freedom of travel.
Disabled people want to travel, visit loved ones, and get to their job on time. Just like everyone else.


People in the US report having a disability that limits their transport options.1


of disabilities are invisible.2


For people with cognitive, sensory, sight & hearing disabilities —

clashing announcements, echoey spaces, and distorted speakers make it hard for them to find their way around and keep up with information.
More missed connections.
More complaints
Stressed staff
For some,
the noise is just too much.
So they won't come.

Keep the flow when people are on the go.

Situations like service disruption and times of high traffic change crowd behavior, sensory stimulation, information clarity, and the ability to use assistive audio tools.

Use your passenger management data to predict how these situations affect people who're disabled.

Then, adapt your audio information design to match peoples' cognitive, sensory, and access needs.


The right thing to do
that's great for business.


Spending power of disabled people in the US.3
Accessible stations, change the game for everyone.
Increase transport use and revenue
Build more vibrant diverse cities
More tourism
Less ligitation

But... which solution?

Solutions look great on paper and at the demo. Then, everything changes in real life.

That's why we look at your customer journey.
How your environments, systems, technology, and information connect, work together, and change the audio experience. And when this gets in the way of people with disabilities.

So you can pinpoint the real reasons why your experiences don't work for people with disabilities and the best tools to change this.

Our process.


Ask disabled people,
What gets in your way?


Map your customer journey.
What do people need to know?


Test . Measure
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Marcel de Bie
Marcel de Bie
+1 310 270 8012

"In a world not designed by them, Marcel creates platforms with people with disabilities so they can design their own experiences."

Carmen Madisson . Boilover Inclusive Performance Ensemble. Sunbury Cobaw Community Health.

"Not only did Marcel break down what was working and not working in terms of interfaces and the responsiveness and character of sounds, he explored how they hindered or helped them achieve their goals."

Wendy O'Neil . Art Centre, Melbourne.

"Marcel was indispensable to us and the success of the project, with that rare combination of practical know-how, a hard-work ethic, and inspired creative vision.''

Brian Rupp . Brand Timbre & Rumblefish. [USA]

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