Agencyitis strikes Cadbury Australia.

Agencyitis strikes again – this time with Cadbury Australia.

Cadbury were on a winner with the first two Saatchi & Saatchi TV commercials in their Joyville campaign.

Both these TVCs used ‘big band’, theatrical and wacky, JOYFUL music that is a great fit for the brand and  communicated the Joyville message perfectly.

The music makes you feel good, Cadbury makes you feel good. It works on a visceral and emotional level.

The music aligns with the UK/global campaign, and it would also work very well at the point of purchase. Cadbury were well on the way to building a powerful brand asset with this music, and establishing a strong, recognisable and believable sonic brand identity.

Cadbury switched the creative to Publicis Mojo for their 3rd  TVC which uses a radically different musical accompaniment: “Pump Up The Volume”.

See the Publicis Mojo TVC here

“Pump Up The Volume” does not fit or support the current visual, experiential and brand strategy of the Joyville campaign. In fact, it undermines the Joyville message and confuses the audience. It’s just not joyous.

This change in musical direction throws powerful brand collateral and money down the drain.

Music is not something to be toyed with.

Unless there is a clear strategic rationale- agencies should not mess with their client’s sonic brand.



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