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Use Assistive Sound Design to take the worry out of banking for millions of Americans who depend on audio for guidance, alerts, and feedback. Instill confidence in your services to become the choice for personalized, fast, and secure banking.

"We have money to spend, are just like everybody else, and want to be included. Once you start inviting us, we will come. Watch it. Watch it, and we will come."

Eliza Hull . Disability advocate.2

Make it easy to do life.

People with permanent, temporary, and situational disabilities experience real-life consequences because of non-existent or badly implemented communication.
Compromised privacy and security because they needed help to check their balance.

Being locked out of their account because password requirements are unclear.

Vital services cut because due-date alerts lack urgency.

Missed mortgage payments because terms weren’t screen-readable.

Unable to use telephone support because of distracting call-center background noise and operators speaking too quickly.

Not sure where to start?

Banking accessibility checklist.

Use our checklist to evaluate your service and user experience. Identify what’s working, what needs improvement, and where to focus your efforts.

Break down barriers to opportunity.


of disabilities are invisible.1
People with cognitive and sensory disabilities depend on sensory cues like audio alerts, notifications, voice, and vibrations to make critical decisions.

CX designers.

Craft seamless user journeys that anticipate and exceed customer expectations at every step. Enhance speed, safety, and security by delivering personalized alerts, notifications, and voice prompts at the right moment — to create effortless interactions that instill trust.

Accessibility coordinators.

Tailor voice and sound design to people's cognitive, sensory and motor preferences, creating intuitive, welcoming, and truly inclusive banking experiences. Design solutions that adapt to the physical and digital environments where people access your services. So everyone can share in the opportunities you offer.

Assistive sound design.

Information when people need it. How they need it.

  1. Am I logged in?
  2. Did my transfer work?
  3. Are my investments up?
  4. Can I get this loan now?
  5. I want this! What's my balance?
  6. Your bill's due in 3 days!
  7. Where do I put my card?

Guide, reassure, excite, calm, celebrate. Get attention — Fast.

Audio alerts, reminders and notifications are powerful shortcuts to the brain. Transcending language, they motivate and guide people with disabilities through your products and services.
1. ADA and WCAG compliance.
You enable people to do great things. Make sure they know what they are. Ensure assistive devices like screen readers can read your PDFs, websites, and apps. So people have the information they need to make life's most important decisions.
2. Safe, helpful, and supportive.
Make banking fast and worry-free with every sound, notification, and vibration. From a welcoming “you’re logged in” tone, to the reassuring chime of a successful transfer.
3. Branded audio CX.
Boost customer engagement with personalized updates, reminders, and notifications that connect users with your service ecosystem.


Assistive sound design toolkit.

Give people personalized, convenient, fast, secure banking they can trust to have their back.

Identify your friction points.

We collaborate with real users on their user journeys to pinpoint barriers and where audio alerts, notifications, and voice prompts will make banking with you safer and faster.

Alerts, notifications and voice prompts.

Use our evidence-based methods and user testing to create intuitive and helpful alerts, notifications, and voice prompts people can rely on.

Design and implementation guidelines.

We provide you with guidelines to ensure consistent and correct implementation of your assistive audio assets across all your platforms and future services.

Get an assessment.

App & website accessibility check.

Quickly validate your concerns about accessibility barriers with our affordable service to decide your next step.

From $4,900

Test a priority area.

Target a specific area that you need to address now. Move forward quickly with practical recommendations.

From $9,500

Comprehensive assessment.

Working with disabled customers we identify barriers and where audio alerts, notifications, and voice prompts will optimize safety and efficiency across your user journey.

Case studies

National Australia Bank . Managing sound . Unifying the brand journey.

Designing digital & physical spaces that work for disabled people.


Get in touch to discover how assistive sound design can help you better serve disabled customers.
Marcel de Bie
Marcel de Bie
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"In a world not designed by them, Marcel creates platforms with people with disabilities so they can design their own experiences."

Carmen Madisson . Boilover Inclusive Performance Ensemble. Sunbury Cobaw Community Health.

"Not only did Marcel break down what was working and not working in terms of interfaces and the responsiveness and character of sounds, he explored how they hindered or helped them achieve their goals."

Wendy O'Neil . Art Centre, Melbourne.

"Marcel was indispensable to us and the success of the project, with that rare combination of practical know-how, a hard-work ethic, and inspired creative vision.''

Brian Rupp . Brand Timbre & Rumblefish. [USA]