Music for Action Against Hunger

This is a great idea and initiative

Cinesamples releases Djembe – AAH Fundraiser

We are trying to raise some money for a very worthy cause: Action Against Hunger
AAH is one of the highest rated and effective charities – offering support to those in distress in over 40 countries. If you wish to donate (any amount is accepted) please head over to our firstgiving page at

After donating you will be sent links to this wonderful djembe as a way of saying thanks! Suggested donation is $10, our fund raising goal is $5000. Donation amounts will not be posted, name and comment is optional.

The use of the djembe is a really good fit for the campaign. Particularly as the sound and rhythms of the djembe evokes positivity and energy

This campaign could be taken even further by creating sound libraries for the different regions and countries that need our support and then asking musicians to create music from these libraries – the ‘best’ could be put on a compilation for digital download or CD…

Pay it forward

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