Sound. Light. Action

I’m  not sure if the interaction of sound and colour quite hits the mark – simplifying the colour and animations would help in creating more obvious connections between the sound and light – but the willingness of the crowd to participate is really inspiring.

The use of human voice is really refreshing and personalises the experience.

The means now exist to create amazing brand experiences by connecting the emotional expression of sound to the benefits and personality of your brand, in  real- time interactive environments.

Imagine this happening in front of your stores…. powerful stuff.

“People with voices of different frequencies, rhythms or cadences will be able to evoke quite different magical patterns upon the surface of the building – a staccato chirping will result in a completely different set of visual effects to a long howl for example, blending old and new to continue animating the facade of the Minster”.

More at and Haque.


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