Say Thank You Please.

When was the last time some one thanked you?

It’s surprising how people have gotten used to being taken for granted.
Years ago I credited a colleague (hi Nige, doing well mate) on a showreel for his mixing  and production.His surprised ‘thanks Marz” made me think that people don’t do this very often.
Now this guy has helped a lot of people out, and most of all me. The least he deserves as does anyone, is a thank you and a few jobs thrown his way, because money talks and bullshit walks right.
 Contact me by posting a comment if you want a producer who listens as well as hears and I’ll pass you on to Nigel.

So some quick thank yous to:

Seth Godin for posting a blog on my blog. The amber theatre’s podcast downloads have rocketed as a result; &

Cass at Meccamedialight– new media consultancy-who recommended that I start a blog because “it’s all about community”.

Oh yeah and don’t forget: No one likes  a sycophant

Business is Personal

Marcel de Bie

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