The Customer Is King(or Queen)

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A simple definition of sonic branding.
Sonic branding is the consistent and strategic use of sound and music to support a brands personality, attributes and customers’ experience.

It can range from music on hold to the type of music that is played at a restaurant, to the tone of a receptionists voice when answering the phone to a sonic logo such as the one used by Intel.

If you’re still confused let me know.

Now for the good bit.

  1. We want to find out from you what you like and dislike about the sounds and music used by different brands or companies.
  2. This could be the music that’s playing while you’re buying clothes or sitting in the waiting room of a doctors surgery or the volume and style of music on hold or a ring tone.
  3. Then tell us how this affects your view of the company.

Also feel free to add anything you want about the state of marketing and sound in Australia and the world

Marcel de Bie

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