Bollywood Dreams. The Walls Have Ears

The impact of sound on your customer’s perception and behaviour towards your brand is influenced by more than just the style of the music/sound. It is equally influenced by both the media that it is being delivered through, and the effect on and of the surrounding environment.

This was an important consideration for the Immigration Museums soundscape for the Bollywood Dreams Exhibition, and is also applicable to retail and other physical environments.

A successful brief is all about the questions you ask.

The first question I always ask a client is: What do you want to achieve?

The second question is: Who is your audience?

The answers to these questions go a long way to defining the form and function of the audio content and method of delivery.

To further determine the needs of The Immigration Museum I asked a third and as I discovered, a very important question: What are you worried about?

This produced a range of answers ranging from the soundscape must not interfere with surrounding exhibitions to it must not annoy or irritate the customer service staff who have to listen to it all day, everyday Imagine listening to the same song over and over again for 7 months.

Think about it. If the sound you are using is driving your staff crazy or making them edgy, how will they respond to your customers?
… and how does this affect your customers’ experience of your brand/business?

What’s also important is that whilst The Amber Theatre is a specialist in sonic branding and audio communication, it is our clients and their staff and customers that understand their brand and business best. Our job is to ask the right questions.

Also a quick thank you to the team at the Immigration Museum. Their professionalism, clarity and attention to detail, meant that I could concentrate on creating a great product instead of fixing preventable problems.

Listen to the soundscape here

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