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Mbwebdesign September 30, 2007

I loved it - very minimalist and excellent use of the whitespace (even though some might not agree with me on that...)

G September 5, 2007

I think it is very impressive. Honestly. Clean. Clear and not overloaded. Impressive client lists too.

CssdriveMIKE September 5, 2007

--At any rate based off what I remember… while I thought the basic layout of the site WORKS… given theatre is in the name I’d like to see a more dynamic and/or elegant font choice and maybe even more important a SPLASH of color of some sort. Without color and at least a more dynamic font choice in the headers (whether by size, boldness, color, etc.) the design just kinda lays there, it never lifts you up and says come with me see what’s here!

JAYH September 3, 2007

The layout looks nice, text is formatted very well and confortable to read but could use some type of body bg color or at least the page container. Its very straining to look at the background.

Dr. MadCow September 3, 2007

It is rather.... white… I’m on a 1680x1050 monitor, so everything is exaggerated. But I’d say there is way too much white space. Cheers.

Laurie August 27, 2007

Hey Mars, I've had a sub-60 second look. (like most sites I visit) Looks pretty slick. I probably treated the home page as a splash page & clicked on "Services" to get to the point of what you're about. ... so I found myself hitting the back button to check that it wasn't same page. If you don't look carefully they look identical. (same thing goes for Sound & Blog pages) I'd swap the "Sound" & "Brands" boxes (I reckon the Brand spiel gets the point of what you're about quicker & clearer). I'd call the Work page "Clients" because that's what it is. Overall it's nice & clean (maybe a fraction too clean for my taste but I'm sure you're not marketing to the likes of me). Speaking of which: Is your target audience going to be impressed by "Cockroach Playing In Toilet Bowl"? Well done. 7 out of 10 :)

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