Who’s in charge of your brand’s sound?

According to this article

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is himself involved in picking the songs used in company advertising…

So what’s wrong with that- isn’t the great El Jobso the creator of the Apple brand, the man responsible for Apple’s core values and DNA. Surely he’s best placed to make these decisions. Maybe – but as recent events have shown Steve Jobs can’t and won’t always be around.

So what happens if he’s not around to pick the latest tune – who does?- Phil Schiller (senior vice president of world wide product marketing)? TBWA/Chiat/Day? What criteria do they use? Personal taste? – What, if anything has been put in place to help them stay on message?

When your chief marketing officer leaves, or you change (ad) agencies – How do you ensure sonic continuity? We all know people/agencies love to leave their mark – out with the old, in with the new and all that.

Developing a sonic style guide that explains what, why and how music and sound should be used in your brand communication

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